What we do


For 29 years, we have been acquiring and multiplying our organisational and management expertise in our role as the university's founder.

Our main areas of consultancy are: development strategies, marketing in the education market, information systems, EU fundraising, academic and international co-operation, research, analysis and strategic recommendations.

Our values are:

development-oriented mindset

The aim and activity of the Research Federation

The strength in the group


We join our academic potential in the Research Federation of WSB-DSW Merito Universities. It is a legal entity provided for in the Act 2.0, and its aim it to stimulate cooperation between higher education institutions. By working together, universities are able to achieve much more, which is especially important in international relations.


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Highly-rated universities


We do want to know how our students and alumni see us. Each year we conduct a study called the BAM (Brand Attributes Survey) to find out what they like about our degree programs and what could be improved. As the recent survey shows, 691 of the 774 graduates interviewed would recommend studying at our universities to their friend.

Our universities are highly rated by students

Merito Group in figures


Merito Group has five Universities: University of Lower Silesia DSW, WSB Merito University in Gdańsk, WSB Merito University in Poznań, WSB Merito University in Wrocław, and WSB Merito University in Toruń.


We are located in 11 largest cities in Poland.


We have been operating on the education market in Poland for 29 years.

Years of experience

Merito Group offers over 1,000 study programmes, primarily at a bachelor’s degree level and master’s degree level also on post-graduate and MBA studies.

Study programmes

Accreditations and partners

We have international accreditations. We work with many companies, thanks to which we constantly adapt the curriculum to the requirements of a given industry.