We seek close cooperative links with universities, industry and the business community. Collaborative partnerships between these sectors can bring numerous benefits to all parties involved. Under partnership or patronage agreements, companies contribute to curriculum development and share their expertise in the classroom. This collaboration accounts for our students’ opportunity to gain hands-on experience directly from representatives of business organizations from across the country and abroad.

Meet some of our partners

Franklin University is a strategic partner of Merito Group. The co-operation between the universities began in 2008 with the launch of a joint Polish language MBA programme at WSB Merito University in Wroclaw. Since then, the co-operation has expanded to include faculty exchanges, student scholarships and Franklin University's English-language MBA programme.


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The University of Northampton is a public university located in Northampton, England. It was established in 1924 and gained full university status in 2005. The university is known for its commitment to social innovation and impactful education. It has a strong focus on sustainability, employability, and community engagement. The University of Northampton offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs across various disciplines, including arts, sciences, business, health, and social sciences.


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SBS Swiss Business School is a university that focuses primarily on preparing students for careers in the global economy. It offers degree programmes in international management, finance or marketing. In addition to management theory and practices, programme participants learn new ways of thinking that can positively impact their lives as well as the success of their organisations.


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We understand that as a leader in a complex world, you want to engage your employees, delight your customers, restore and sustain the environment. It will not take two generations. We can and will re-invent the world in this generation! Now is the best time for you to prepare, re-tool, and aggressively launch forward. The Executive MBA conducted in co-operation with our partner WSB Merito University in Poznan, offers an innovative curriculum centered around Leadership, Sustainability and Strategy.

Bert Wolfs, Ph.D.

Academic Dean SBS Swiss Business School

The mission of our English partner, the University of Northampton, is to transform lives and inspire change. This is what the modern economy expects of us and what active students choose. The Business and Management Top Up BA (Hons) program prepares for competitive operation in an international business environment and is oriented towards developing adequate managerial competences. 

Artur Kozłowski

Vice-Rector for Science and International Co-operation