Studies tailored to the needs of employees

We design training and study programmes for people working in different industries, of different ages and with different interests, 
but always based on research and labour market needs. Among other things, we offer 

  • undergraduate studies,
  • postgraduate studies,
  • training courses
  • MBAs.

At many of our universities, we have set up Business Councils - groups of experts made up of executives from our business partners. They tailor the curriculum to the needs of the local labour market. Thanks to the opinions and recommendations of employer representatives, we can be sure that our students are gaining the skills they need. Find out which forms of training can develop you or your employees.

We are practical...

We identify and create new opportunities for development through continuous co-operation with the public.
We consult them with the Business Council, representatives of particular industries, thus responding to the needs of employers.
We co-operate with many business partners. Our students have the opportunity to put their knowledge into practice.
We use the latest technological solutions available (laboratories, specialised software, business games and simulations).

... and friendly

We provide education in such a way that combining work and study is possible not only on part-time, post-diploma programmes, but also on full-time programmes in all educational profiles.
We help students to deal with all the formalities efficiently. We offer hybrid, traditional or online programmes of study.
Our students and staff treat each other as partners.
We listen and respond to the needs of our students, graduates, employees and the companies we work with by systematically conducting satisfaction surveys.