WSB Merito Universities rise in the 2023 Perspektywy ranking

On June 29, the Perspektywy national ranking of non-public universities was released. All WSB Merito Universities moved up and performed better than a year ago. In addition, WSB Merito Universities in Poznań and Gdańsk ranked first in Wielkopolska and Pomerania regions, respectively.

The Perspektywy ranking takes into account six criteria:

  • the success of graduates on the labour market,
  • innovation and cooperation with the business community,
  • teaching potential,
  • prestige of the university,
  • internationalisation of studies,
  • scientific strength.

This makes it one of the most comprehensive and transparent educational rankings in the world. It is also one of the four with the international quality certificate 'IREG Approved'.

The full list of the ranking of non-public universities, in Polish, can be found here.