Teaching Methodology Forum
The Group organises the event in a two-year cycle; the last one was conducted in May 2021 under the auspices of the Polish Union of Education. The Forum in 2021 was an excellent opportunity to summarise Universities', teachers' and teaching methodologists' activities with a focus on remote teaching during the pandemic.
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Merito Group Teaching and Academic Authorities Meeting
It is a yearly spring meeting with Merito Group rectors, vice-rectors, deans and vice-deans. The Meeting offers an opportunity to exchange thoughts, ideas and experience in organising the teaching process and ensuring its quality.
Merito Group Programme Managers' Forum
Organised every year in October by Merito Group, the Forum gathers programme managers and vice-deans. This October, the managers will meet for the 8th time already. The purpose of the Forum is to integrate the programme managers' community and to allow the exchange of ideas and experiences in the organisation of the teaching process.
BIT Forum
Yearly organised meetings that bring together business and technology representatives. This year's leitmotif will be Digital Transformation. The meeting is an excellent opportunity to present new projects, activities and innovations implemented in the Group, especially those combining business and IT in selected business groups. The event aims to enhance and develop competence in the business-IT area.
WSB-DSW Group Debates
Since 2019 the WSB Merito Universities with DSW University of Lower Silesia have been organising #WSBDebates, an event held twice a year. The event is dedicated to new technologies and creates an area to exchange ideas and expertise.
Teaching Forum
Teaching Forum is a meeting organised for academic authorities (teaching and research) for the WSB Universities and the University of Lower Silesia, with Federation authorities and research and administrative faculty of universities. The Forum agenda includes panel discussions, meeting groups in fields and disciplines of science, and workshops.